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Leadership Lessons With the Nonprofit Prophet

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Matt George
Executive Leadership Coach and CEO

We’re in the business of change, not charity. Running it like a business ensures we have the resources to make a real impact.

Matt George — a three-time bestselling author, executive leadership coach at Harvard Business School, and veteran nonprofit CEO — joins Connor to discuss strategies and insights that fueled his success in the nonprofit sector. Discover the power of meaningful relationships, the importance of adopting a business mindset for nonprofit operations, and the profound impact of genuine commitment to a cause. Learn how strategic persistence and branding can amplify fundraising efforts and drive significant community impacts.

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage relationships and persistence to achieve goals. Building strong relationships and demonstrating persistence are crucial to success in any endeavor, particularly in the nonprofit sector. Repeatedly contacting influential individuals — celebrities and industry leaders — can result in significant support and endorsements to elevate an organization’s profile and impact. A strategic approach to networking can not only boost fundraising efforts but also establish long-lasting partnerships that benefit multiple stakeholders.
  • Embrace a business mindset for nonprofit success. Treat nonprofit organizations as businesses to ensure sustainability and effectiveness. This involves focusing on sufficient revenue to support missions, just as a business would focus on profitability. Adopting a business mindset includes strategic planning, prudent financial management, and development of a robust infrastructure to support an organization’s goals and expand its capacity to serve.
  • Commit to the cause to drive genuine impact. A deep, personal commitment to a cause is essential for sustained involvement and success in the nonprofit world. This commitment often stems from personal experiences or convictions and fuels the persistence and passion needed to overcome challenges and make a measurable difference. Those who are genuinely committed are more likely to innovate, inspire others, and drive the organization forward with integrity and purpose.

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Matt George is the Nonprofit Prophet: a three-time bestselling author, executive leadership coach at Harvard Business School, TV host, and speaker. After 30 years as president and CEO in the nonprofit sector, Matt George has been celebrated as “the Nonprofit CEO of our lifetime” by Kevin Harrington — the original shark in television’s hit “Shark Tank.”

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