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B2B Marketing Strategies


Proven Process

While many companies struggle to create consistent, quality content on their own, or with less experienced vendors, every step of the Proven Content content creation process has been developed, refined, and improved over decades of trial and error. From concept to final copy, our system is proven to produce engaging B2B content.

Team Effort

We don’t simply assign you a writer. Our whole team is dedicated to orchestrating your content to reflect your B2B brand message. Collaboration is a key element of our proven content creation process and B2B marketing strategies.

B2B Specialists

We specialize in creating original content and marketing strategies for unique B2B markets. We don’t take on B2C clients or offer a multitude of disparate marketing services. We’ve spent years perfecting our ability to synthesize complex industry information into compelling marketing and thought leadership content. Your B2B content is our specialty and sole focus.

Content Trifecta

The Content Trifecta is a revolutionary multichannel content creation and distribution program designed to cater to your customers’ solution needs and content consumption preferences. While other vendors focus on one medium or channel, the Trifecta leverages a multimedia, multichannel marketing and content creation strategy to keep your content cost-effective and consistent.

Time Management

From ideation through creation and distribution, we manage every step of the content production process for you, incorporating checks and balances to ensure your content is correct, compelling, and true to your brand. You save time, and we take care of the topic generation, outlining, drafting, editing, and quality control. Every step of our process is designed to free up your time and leverage our expertise in support of yours.

Performance Record

With our roster of satisfied clients reaching back more than 20 years, we have the experience most content marketing agencies cannot claim. When you partner with Proven Content, you choose a proven track record of quality content production that includes tens of thousands of content pieces for clients in 70+ industries — and an industry-leading client retention rate.

Quality Control

Other agencies may hand content over to a writer and pass it back to the client with limited quality control touch points before you receive it. At Proven Content, our specialized quality control team puts all your content through several levels of quality assurance measures before delivering a complete, professionally produced piece. We want to ensure your marketing message receives the attention to detail and quality of work your brand deserves.

Proactive Approach

At Proven Content, we take a proactive approach to topic generation. While other agencies generate topics on the fly — or rely on you to provide them — we build you a professional editorial calendar and work ahead on your deliverables to keep your content flowing. We bring ideas to you to keep your content on track and moving forward, no matter how busy you get.

Program Flexibility

Large marketing agencies find it difficult to make quick changes or on-the-fly adjustments. Their structure makes their processes rigid and their programs less agile, so they lack the adaptivity to meet your company’s changing needs. At Proven Content, every part of our multichannel marketing program can be changed, adjusted, tweaked, improved, and scaled up or down according to your ongoing needs and budget.

Made in the U.S.A.

Outsourcing to overseas content creators may seem like a cheaper option, but it can create problems for ensuring proper context and nuance, quality control, and a smooth production process. All the content we produce is created in the U.S.

Human Element

Autogenerated content, stuffed with SEO keywords, may catch search engine attention, but it’s low-quality reading for your high-value prospects. At Proven Content, we incorporate SEO into custom content for human beings, and you get the best of both worlds.

30-Day Commitment

Proven Content delivers on your expectations without saddling you with the 90-day, six-month, or yearlong contracts other agencies require. All our B2B marketing programs are based on a 30-day cancellation cycle.

Content Guarantee

Proven Content guarantees our process and your content, and we’re willing to back it with our unique money back guarantee. Quality content, created with a proven process, makes all the difference — a difference you can experience for yourself with zero financial risk.

Contact our Proven Content experts for a no-cost quote and consultation today to learn more about our innovative B2B marketing strategies.