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The New Rulebook for B2B Engagement


Amy Frampton
Chief Marketing Officer, Nava Benefits

In marketing, remember: It’s not about the number of leads but the connections and impact those leads enable you to create.

Amy Frampton — a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of experience at leading companies like Microsoft, HPE, Smartsheet, and now Nava Benefits — joins Connor to discuss the pivotal role of community in marketing, the seamless integration of sales and marketing teams, and the power of authentic storytelling from the customer’s perspective. Learn about the strategies that facilitate deep connections with audiences, the importance of personal engagement in digital communication, and actionable insights for building effective community-focused marketing initiatives. Gain insights on nurturing a symbiotic relationship between marketing and sales to enhance customer journeys and drive business success.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the power of community engagement in marketing. Prioritize building and nurturing community ties to enhance brand loyalty and consumer connection. Traditional marketing tactics often fall short in today’s digital overload, so cultivating authentic community spaces — where genuine conversations can thrive — proves essential. By engaging where your customers are, you add unparalleled value to conventional marketing strategies.
  • Forge authentic sales and marketing partnerships. Reject the siloed approach; sales and marketing must operate as a unified go-to-market team. Integrating these teams aligns goals and amplifies effectiveness throughout the customer journey — from generating leads to closing deals. By collaboratively engaging in each stage of the funnel and sharing insights, sales and marketing create a synergy that can drive substantial growth and ensure strategic objectives are met more efficiently.
  • Leverage personal connections for professional growth. Prioritize direct, personal interactions to cut through the noise of digital communication. The digital era often dilutes personal connections, making face-to-face, phone, or personalized video interactions crucial. These efforts build stronger relationships, and they lead to more impactful business outcomes. Networking and mentorships are vital for advancing careers and understanding industry nuances often not communicated through emails or digital content alone.

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Amy Frampton has spent her career in marketing with 20 years of experience at companies like Microsoft, HPE, Smartsheet, and BambooHR. Her passion is in storytelling from the perspective of the customer and creating messaging that connects with audiences in a unique way.

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