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The Missing Links To LinkedIn Success

Everything your company’s leaders need to know about profitable Social Selling on LinkedIn.

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About the Webinar

You will learn:

  • How B2B sales & Marketing has changed forever.
  • The 7-step LinkedIn social selling strategy that your competitors aren’t using yet.
  • Why social selling should be your company’s most profitable marketing investment.
  • How to convert more B2B relationships into high-dollar sales opportunities.


Marc Dube

President and Founder at Active Blogs

Connor Dube

Director of Sales and Marketing at Active Blogs

Darren Skeldon

“As an avid LinkedIn user (8 years +), I have found myself wondering what my ROI is compared to the time I’ve spent in this tool. In two weeks, I have done more with less time and have had active conversations with 10+ C-Levels in my market. I would recommend it to any top sales professional or team looking to increase their social engagement.”

Darren Skeldon
Lead Enterprise Relationship Manager,
‎CenturyLink Business for Enterprise

Doug M

“As a client my experience with the Active Blogs LinkedIn program has been excellent. The campaign has produced clearly positive results in terms of both a large number of new connections within my industry and new prospects who have expressed interest in the product I represent. I strongly endorse Active Blogs.”

Doug McMinn
Vice President Of Business Development,

Bob D

“I’m really happy with the uptick in my LinkedIn profile connections and conversations with high-value prospects; this stuff is working! Active Blogs has also done a great job of producing custom content for us, given how complex and unique the subject matter can be.”

Bob Durham
Venue Health & Analytics

Erik Syrstad

“Connor is an expert in social selling and helped pull me out of the stone age cold calling process by showing me how to use my LinkedIn as not only a marketing tool but a prospecting tool as well. Cold calling is important, but the sales industry is moving more and more toward digital selling, and incorporating these strategies is not only important but yields more significant results.”

Erik Syrstad
Senior Relationship Manager,

Ryan Lawlor

“Connor and I worked together to optimize my profile and create more sales opportunities from LinkedIn. With his help we were able to increase viewership of my LinkedIn profile from targeted prospects by over 300% in the first week. I highly recommend Connor and his company for anyone needing help driving sales through LinkedIn.”

Ryan Lawlor
Regional Sales Director,
HiQo Solutions, Inc

Vincent Traweek

“I highly recommend anyone looking to improve on their Linkedin account to Connor. I have found that the simplest little changes to my account drastically improved my profile. I feel strongly that, if Connor can help me, he can help you. He’s like a Sandals resort … all-inclusive. If you want someone who has all the answers to marketing you need to connect with Connor.”

Vincent Traweek
Synergy Merchant Solutions

Lorraine Godwin

“It’s been a delight working with the Active Blogs’ team. You guys have impressed me with the overall results we achieved. The program surpassed my expectations.

Lorraine Godwin
Global Business Director,

Mike Mullin

“I have been impressed with the services provided by the Active Blogs’ team. We’ve been on board for a bit over 4 months and I have approximately 27% more LinkedIn connections then when I started. Most importantly, I’ve had more meaningful conversations with potential buyers and influencers in that timeframe than I did in the previous year with our email campaigns.

Lastly, I wanted to say that the content creation has been spectacular. They have been able to capture our value proposition and give it a voice on LinkedIn that I know we could not have accomplished ourselves.”

Mike Mullin
Integrated Business Systems

Zach Duckworth

“Connor and his team are my top choice when it comes to LinkedIn marketing strategy. Connor has been ahead of the curve and always on top of the latest and greatest strategy to grow your brand and community. Have loved working and seeing Connor grow this skill set over the years.”

Zach Duckworth
DigiZen Marketing Group