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How to Sell More Deals Podcasting

Collin Mitchell
Chief Revenue Officer, Salescast

I’ll make it simple. If you don’t care about your personal brand — and if you don’t like getting more sales —then podcasting is not for you. Otherwise, it’s for everybody.

Episode Summary

Collin Mitchell, entrepreneur and podcaster extraordinaire, joins Connor to discuss how sales has changed since he got his bumpy start, leveraging free content to learn what you need to know to succeed, frontloading value for your prospects, and using podcasting to become a better salesperson — and a better human. Hear how Collin got his start in podcasting, follow his step-by-step advice for booking the guests you want, and learn how he took the “worst podcast experience ever” and turned it into a thriving business.

Key Takeaways

  • Use every available resource to learn what you need to know. There is so much free content out there, from experts in any and every field, and you can access it and leverage it to fuel your own success.
  • 10% of podcasts enjoy 90% of the total listenership. That sounds like bad news, but it’s not. Change your perspective, and you’ll realize what it really means: The demand for quality podcast content far exceeds the current supply, and it’s not as hard to break into the top 10% as you might think.
  • Podcasting will make you better at sales. You’ll learn about your potential clients — and build your market knowledge — straight from the source. But you’ll also consistently exercise your curiosity, learn to listen closely, ask better questions, and establish genuine, professional relationships with the people you want to reach.

More Highlights

Don’t overload your listeners with too many options for getting in touch with you. Craft a straightforward CTA, offer a value add, and give people one point of contact to direct them where you need them to go.

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Watch the full interview below:

About Collin:

Collin Mitchell is a 4X Founder passionate about Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting! Collin is the Co-Founder of Salescast and Host of Sales Transformation.

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About Connor Dube:

Connor Dube is Sales & Marketing Director at Active Blogs, an industry leader in B2B social selling and content strategy, Co-Founder of the Mile High Mentors Podcast, and Founder of B2B Mentors. Building his first business at seven, he’s gone on to create multiple companies and supporting his clients approaches to adding multiple 8-figures to their sales pipeline with his innovative approach to Social Selling. As a current leader in sales and marketing strategy for complex industries, Connor’s been featured in top podcasts, resources, and stages, including MSU Denver’s current sales and marketing curriculum.

Connect with Connor on LinkedIn: or email him at