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Marc Dube — Proven Content’s own president and founder — pulls from decades of experience in sales and marketing to chat about recapturing marketing ROI. Marc’s insight shines light on the complexities of modern marketing, spotlighting where direct sales and ads are losing their edge. Marc also has a gameplan — one we here at Proven Content are excited to share with you. Let’s hear from Marc himself.

Why aren’t business leaders getting what they pay for with marketing?

Marc: Say a company is all in on social media ads and all in on direct sales. The social media content, the paid media, the email campaigns — they’re performing well, getting engagement, driving people to the website, but the leads have run dry.

Why is that?

Marc: It’s because prospects have gotten more independent. They do their own research, compare their own prices — they can get answers on their own. So what does that look like? Well, nothing. They’re invisible. This is what we want to start talking about, this gap between content marketing and direct sales.

Where is that gap, usually?

Marc: It really comes down to a blind spot in website data and analytics. Only about 2% of website visitors actively interact, like filling out a form or making a purchase. And some people will tell you “Yeah, but most of those visitors aren’t qualified.” Some aren’t, but plenty are — they just get distracted, they’re weighing other options, or they can’t fully visualize how your solutions will work for their problems. Whatever is holding them back from taking the next step, you want to be in the loop so you can keep them engaged and get them converted. But if they’re invisible — your spend might be high, but your options are really limited.

So, yeah, many marketing leaders aren’t seeing a return on investment. But that’s because they’re not capturing it. It’s out there — those dollars are driving interest. The interest just isn’t showing up on the radar or it’s not showing up in a meaningful, actionable way.

What is ROI recapture?

Marc: ROI recapture is really straightforward. It’s about turning loss into gains. Imagine your marketing strategy is a bucket. You’re pouring money into it, hoping to see results, but there’s a hole — your website. Without full insight into your website traffic, your investments are pouring through a hole in your marketing data. ROI recapture is about plugging the hole. It’s not an overhaul, it’s not doing more with your marketing or changing what you’re already spending. It’s about making sure what you’re already spending isn’t getting lost in the customer journey.

How does understanding visitor data translate into ROI recapture?

Marc: Here’s the thing. It’s not enough to track how many visitors you get, when they visit, or what email address they use. Don’t get me wrong — that’s great data. But it’s not actionable. Plugging the hole means understanding the people behind those numbers. Who do your visitors work with? What are they interested in? Which solutions are they spending their time learning about? That’s actionable data, and that’s what you need to recapture your ROI.

And the beauty of ROI recapture is just one or two smart tweaks can make a big difference. The goal is to maximize what you’re currently doing while also reclaiming the value from your past marketing efforts. So get data on traffic, pull quality analytics, maybe refine your content strategy to boost qualified leads, and start reaching out to the prospects you’ve already engaged.

How are you keeping ROI recapture top of mind?

Marc: Well, we’re pioneering ROI recapture. We’ve been thinking about it for years, and we’ve built our own framework and tools. The thing is, not a lot of people are talking or even thinking about this, and it’s time to change that. That’s what we’re doing: diving into the nuts and bolts, talking tools and tricks, and getting the idea out there for people who can really benefit from it.

How are you getting the idea of ROI recapture out there?

Marc: Mark your calendars for December 28, 2023. That’s when we’re leading a live training on ROI recapture. We’re kicking off at 10:30 a.m. PST, so that’s 1:30 p.m. EST. It’s completely virtual, so you can join from anywhere.

Who’s hosting the live virtual training on ROI recapture?

Marc: Connor Dube’s hosting. He’s the Proven Content CMO, he’s got his finger on the industry pulse of B2B marketing, he knows how prospects tick — he’s a marketing mentor and the best voice to kick off this conversation. He’ll be talking about real, practical tools and techniques people can implement right away — not theories, but actionable strategies that get results. He’s giving out the latest and greatest — for free.

What will be some training takeaways?

Marc: First off, this is a gold mine for business leaders: marketing directors, CEOs, CFOs — basically, anyone who’s got a stake in driving company growth and revenue. ROI recapture can give you a leg up in steering your company forward.

Now, about making your marketing more efficient and effective, that’s a big part of this training. You’ll get hands-on strategies you can apply right away. The idea is to make your marketing efforts leaner and sharper with minimal adjustments.

How will those takeaways be helpful right now?

Marc: With the way the economy is shifting, it’s getting tougher out there. Understanding ROI recapture and the way to activate it is going to be a lifesaver in navigating changes and challenges ahead. This is how to stay ahead in the B2B marketing game: Make the most of what you’ve got, especially when times are tough.

And that’s the long-term value of ROI recapture. You build a direct link between your marketing investments and your business goals. You walk away with the knowledge and tools to make data-backed, future-focused decisions for your business.

Why are you excited about this live virtual training on ROI recapture?

Marc: We’re rolling out something pretty revolutionary here. ROI recapture isn’t just another marketing concept. It’s a whole new way to think about and maximize marketing ROI. It’s fresh, it’s agile, and it’s really helpful. And it’s exciting to have a space to share that and pay it forward.

See, I don’t know how many marketing leaders these days know it, but we have a unique opportunity to set a new course and pioneer the next big break in the industry. This training is Step 1: Learn from the best, with the best. We’re talking industry leaders, business elite, plus the B2B Mentors man himself, Connor Dube — he’s a trailblazer for ROI recapture. This is the vanguard of marketing strategy — the kind of stuff that sets trends and breaks the mold.

What do you and Connor hope to accomplish by leading this training on ROI recapture?

Marc: We just want to empower the people we work with: our clients, our partners, their partners, the future generation of marketing leaders — everyone. There’s a lot at stake, but we see a lot of opportunity with ROI recapture. We want to share it, spread it around, and get people thinking and talking about it. This training will give you the tools to enrich your insights, refine your strategies, and take practical steps toward marketing investments that go further. It’ll start a conversation. We hope you’ll join.

If you can’t make the training, pop over to to check out our Proven-perfect solution for ROI recapture.