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Becca Briley – Director Of Client Services


Nickname: Becca Lynn (not Rebecca)/BB
Hometown: Kingwood, TX
Pets: Halo (Frenchie), Brooklyn (Lab mix), Braylynn (Pit mix)
Hobbies: Hiking, golfing, doing P90X in the garage (no joke), being together with family
Favorite Food: Salted peanuts in the shell (ballpark style) and chocolate milk
Secret 411: I listen to Christmas music year-round and keep up a Christmas tree our family decorates per holiday
Favorite Quote: Seek to understand — never assume. Ask questions and stay curiously compassionate (quoting myself 😉).

Becca Briley is the Director Of Client Services at Proven Content. She’s dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the highest-quality marketing content and results with almost no effort on their part. Through it all, she strives to make all tasks enjoyable, exciting, and even stress-relieving.

Becca can empathize with our clients, having worked in a wide range of industries over the past two decades in various capacities, such as marketing director/manager, editor-in-chief, business success coach, marketing mentor, copywriter, and editor. She understands the modern-day, ever-evolving marketing pressures our clients face.

For those who work with Becca:

  • Her deepest desire is to hear and integrate our clients’ needs in a way that is professionally transformative for their companies
  • She values genuine, intentional connections focused on solutions
  • Orchestrating initiatives with our highly talented team to deliver on promises, with a solid plan of action, is fun for her
  • She delights in thoughtful strategizing and campaigning around Proven Content methodology that works
  • Our clients can expect to stay informed — and impressed— in working with a talented team of content marketing experts