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Beth Dube – Accounting Manager

Beth Dube

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Hobbies: Reading, church services, leisurely hikes and “finding peaceful moments”

Beth Dube has played an integral role in the organization and growth of Proven Content since the company was founded in 2001. As the company has matured — adding staff, clients, contractors, and vendors — Beth’s duties as accounting manager have multiplied. She manages all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and other accounting functions for Proven Content.

Beth has a background in banking. However, helping launch Proven Content gave her valuable firsthand experience in business operations, marketing, and human resources — skills that she continues to develop via her role at Proven Content. She takes great pride in always meeting and often exceeding the expectations of clients, vendors, and employees.

On top of her work at Proven Content, Beth is always on the go as the mom of five kids. Thus, it’s no surprise that she finds comfort in quiet activities like reading, church services, leisurely hikes, “finding peaceful moments,” and wishing she could be on the beach! A Colorado native, Beth also enjoys dancing and biking.

What does Beth see as the key ingredient to Proven Content’s recipe for success?

“We really do care about our clients and want what is best for their companies. We see each client as an individual, not just another business. We have been able to put together a fantastic team of employees and contractors who are quality, genuine people who give 100 percent. They take pride in themselves and what they do for the clients of Proven Content.”