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Today’s Thought Leadership Is Tomorrow’s Sales

Connor Dube, Proven Content CMO, talks about how thought leadership in content supports sales processes. White papers, blog posts, webinars, videos, case studies — they all help prospects navigate complex purchasing decisions by providing them with the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward.

Leadership Lessons With the Nonprofit Prophet

Matt George — a three-time bestselling author, executive leadership coach at Harvard Business School, and veteran nonprofit CEO — joins Connor to discuss strategies and insights that fueled his success in the nonprofit sector. Discover the power of meaningful relationships, the importance of adopting a business mindset for nonprofit operations, and the profound impact of genuine commitment to a cause. Learn how strategic persistence and branding can amplify fundraising efforts and drive significant community impacts.

How CMOs and CEOs Should Align for Hypergrowth

Carilu Dietrich — former CMO and current advisor to CEOs and CMOs of hypergrowth tech companies — joins Connor to discuss the pivotal roles of product excellence and strategic alignment in achieving organic growth. Learn about the importance of reducing purchase friction and the power of community in transforming customers into brand advocates. Gain insights on navigating company strategy through meticulous industry analysis and innovative technologies like AI.